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“The headless heart” ?

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I agree with this entirely. Zimbabwe need s a miracle.

Truth, Pravda, Chokwadi


I’ve been closely following the candidature of certain independent candidates in the Zimbabwean political landscape particularly Fadzayi Mahere and Nkosana Moyo. I have always had an affinity for high academic achievers who delve into the treacherous waters of Zimbabwean politics. Perhaps this affinity is because they embody a lot of what I hope to become.

One post that has popped up on social media was posted by Fadzayi Mahere and dated September 2014. In this post she talks about the tendencies of trust school (private school) children to complain and yet refuse to be part of the change with respect to the Zimbabwean crisis (sorry cde Thabo there is actually a crisis in Zimbabwe). I was fortunate/privileged enough to attend a trust school and arguably the best school in the country, St. John’s College. My favourite subject during my 6 years in high school was history particularly…

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Lecture 1.5A: Business Models and Customer Development

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My Own Fortune

In this lecture we learn about business models and about the Business Model Canvas as a tool for mapping business models.

We learn that a company is for executing a business model whereas a startup is for finding one and then becoming a company.

I fully agree with the view of a startup as a different kind of entity than a company, it is a very fresh and important realisation. However, I have a problem with companies that view the search as completely over. That’s how record companies find themselves replaced with this new kid called the Internet. If I ever find myself as Chief Executive Officer of a company, I’ll make sure to Search and not only Execute, no matter what profits that the current business model yields.

Then we get introduced to…

The Business Model Canvas

The BMC is a technique for describing a business model, a division…

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SEX: Why Are You Pure?

Here’s to the Christians out there 🙂

Maci Shingleton

unnamed (11)   As a single college student in the middle of Christian culture, people tell me to wait for sex a lot. “Wait until you’re married. It’s better when you’re married!” “Save yourself for your husband, you don’t want to take that baggage.” “Stay pure for your husband, it’s worth it!” All of these encouragements may be true and come from good intentions but they don’t make sense. What if I die tomorrow? What if God doesn’t want me to be married, ever? Why would those reasons be reason enough to remain sexually pure now? With good intentions, many of us in the church have begun telling students to remain pure for their future spouses. That sounds nice, but it is not exactly why Jesus calls us to purity. I remain pure not for my future imaginary husband but for my very real right now God.

   Our desire in being…

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Merry or Merely Christmas…

Praying for all mankind because we all deserve to be happy.

Praying for all mankind because we all deserve to be happy.

I did not attend a Christmas service today. It’s just but a normal work day in this country.I do however take this moment to close my eyes and pray for my fellow Christians who are going through so much such that there is nothing so merry about this day, the 25th of December.

I pray for the people in the Central African Republic who took shelter at the airport and walk in fear of flying bullets whenever they go to look for food.I pray for the civilians whose blood is spilling in Sudan, the surviving ones living in “palpable fear” and will be killed for their ethnicity. Syrian people who are fleeing to Europe illegally because suffering in the harsh winter weather seems to be better than being caught in deadly air strikes, gun fire to name but a few. The women and children shiver in the snow with inadequate shelter, food and clothing as they take refuge in camps. In Nigeria, they have their own instability and endless shootings. I pray my own Zimbabwean people get over the inconvenience of long queues for cash, and that electricity today at least lets them play their music loud all day.

I see today as a day to remember God’s love for us. HE loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16). Several researches have proven that with gratitude comes happiness. I would like to thank God for this gift of life and even though our lives may not be perfect, they are perfectly good with His compassion and love.
Though we may be living in circumstances that would otherwise make our Christmas mere, through the God who strengthens us, may you all have a love filled,joyful and splendid day. 🙂 ❤

CLiff HaNgeR

“It’s a chilly summer morning. There’s a drizzle and the strong wind blows as if it was bet on. The ground is still muddy from last night’s storm, a storm from my eyes, my very own tears. You’re on the brink of falling; you’re hanging on by your last hand. The other grew numb and couldn’t you hold you up any longer. I look at you. I stare at your glassy eyes, eyes filled with fear for your end is here, disbelief that I’m not holding out my hand for you. I said I’d be here for you but my actions are screaming otherwise. In my mind there’s a concoction of ideas of how saddening it would be if you slip and sleep forever, yet fulfilling it would be to actually have gotten a cold revenge, literally.

The times we’ve shared start rolling like a movie to both of us. Right from the very beginning is where time takes us as if we share the same mind. The laughter and joys we’ve shared and the kisses and hugs we’ve embraced. Right through to the times we fought tooth and nail to make up so passionately after. We go through the phase I betrayed you and you forgave me still. I said I’d make it up to you but here I am standing, staring as you hang on for dear life.

If my brain does not switch on before you slumber, you will never understand that it was your fault you went. You stuck a bullet in my thigh when you were asleep… it was you who pulled the trigger, you thought you were dreaming. I took the bullet silently. The shock and trauma would not let me speak of the pain I felt.

 If I finally do reach out to you, ow wait, I do not know that there will still be someone to hold out to……hence I will continue with what I was doing…..staring at you hanging by the grit on the cliff. Right before my eyes, you have turned from my lover to a cliff hanger.”


I was trying to figure out why I have not been pleased with my pieces. I have stored over a dozen and I notice a trend. They are all similar, all too emotional. I am happy, at the same time I am disappointed in myself. How could liking someone this much affect me this strongly? So much for these teenage ‘love’ affairs 😦

…some thoughts….

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It’s a leap of faith I took in this moment. I have almost a week to prove if I’m weak. Failure or success lies in my fingers, literally. I’m thrilled and at same time scared.

I sort of feel like my conscience is talking to me at the wrong time. It’s saying the right thing though. I’m thinking I’m a misfit in society even though my social life seems to prove otherwise. This life of mine is appearing in my mind as double. Is it really?
So how is this post going to help some who read it? Here’s how. This is a reminder that you are responsible for who are and your actions. If your past is better than your present and the future, you’re clearly doing it wrong. I can’t say more right now….except I hate having options, even though I’m pretty sure not having them wouldn’t make me any happier. Life paradoxes……sigh.

Oh Sh*t!!!

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There lived a really awesome girl, I’ll call her A. She came across an interesting enough job offer so she sent her resume. She was invited to an interview for a possible waitress opening at what she thought would be a restaurant, but was actually an underground strip club just outside the city center. The guy who called to inform her of the interview seemed really nice, too nice perhaps that she didn’t even assume anything fishy. On the day of the interview, her father said he was going to accompany her, just in case it was a scam. They left home in the late afternoon to a rather isolated location. Just as they arrived at the address, her father got a phone call, an urgent one. An important meeting is what he had to attend to, so A had to go for the interview alone.

The moment she got in, she noticed there wasn’t any trace of a 4 star restaurant as they had claimed. She was taken by a ginger head hunk to the “office” at the back. I put that in quotes because it looked too comfortable, cozy and sultry to be one.The ginger dude was the bouncer, and he intimidatingly stood on guard at the door. The interviewer was a chunky looking guy.Very muscular chap who looked Italian and smelled like baby oil.He put out his cigar on his tongue, looked A right in the eye and asked his first question, “You know why you’re here, right?”

“Yes,” she answered, even though she wasn’t sure anymore.

He asked for her bra size which she found a bit awkward for a second question. He reassured her by saying it was so that he would know what uniform size she would get. The ginger bloke then ushered her to yet another room, a changing room. He handed over her uniform. As she put on the little body hugging dress, she realized it barely covered half her thighs, let alone did it do justice to her ample bosom. The outfit also came with a scarlet lipstick and pearls. When she was done, she could not believe her eyes as she entered the “office”.

The lights were dim, allowing the last rays of the sun to spill through the blinds on the windows. Sensual music played in the background.

“What the eff is this?” she thought to herself.

The delicious Italian looking man sat on a chair in the middle of the room.

“Show me what you can do, Angel,” he said in a very suggestive tone.

For a split second, A stood there having a panic attack. She began to think that she had bargained for more then she could handle. But wait, her inner goddess was coming out. She could do this. She wanted this. She needed to relieve all the tension that had been building up ever since she came to this foreign land.

“I’m ready for you,” he said this in his ow so enthralling accent.

She walked towards him only stopping a few feet away, just enough for him to catch the scent of the spicy yet sweet, provocative essence of her perfume as she swayed her hips from side to side in tune to the music.She advanced towards him and giving her backside to him, she gently eased herself in his lap. She started moving rhythmically, grinding on him like her life depended on it. As she stood to face him, she noticed the passion burning in his eyes.

Seductively, she started unzipping the little dress, revealing the lacy red bra that complimented the fullness of her breasts. The dress slipped off her body into a pile at her feet that were adorned in sexy heels. In a swift movement, the guy stood right in front of her, so close that she could feel his hot breath on her skin that was wallowing to be touched, kissed and caressed.
As if he could read her mind, he expertly placed his hands on her waist and pulled A towards himself, such that she could feel the fullness he had gotten too. She was a ticking time bomb, and this was more than enough to make her wet. She wanted to explode. She couldn’t wait any longer, his eyes had already consumed her so she pranced onto his luscious lips. She took them with such hunger that he just could not resist kissing her back, falling under her spell. She could feel her insides beginning to clench. She wanted him. Now. She HAD to have him. She had been starved for so long she wasn’t going to waste the opportunity with such a delectable looking man. As soon as she unbuckled the belt that hid the treasure she was hunting for, the ginger man opened the door to the office and ….
“Ow shit!!” was all she could say as her father stood there.

This was the end of Fungai’s bedtime story. I kind of failed there for dawn caught us wide awake.